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He was obviously ready for games in the double bed towels, curtains, soft lighting and incense is burned slowly improved on the side. A bowl of scented oil is sitting beside the bed in preparation for what lies ahead. My shirt is gone and I feel a gentle tug on my belt, which is very early in the floor of my pants, and then accompanied his pants. She smiles in recognition of my virility, is proud and angry, in anticipation of what lies ahead. I lay face first in the towel and take a look in the mirror, what a sight, wrapped in black stockings, and come to me with slippery hands with hot oil. his hands, strong but soft, slipped on the neck and shoulders, pushed me to move a tingling in the back, because warm hands on my lower back. I sighed again, one of the absolute satisfaction and anticipation. I feel a weight on the thighs moved, as I addressed a better massage my shoulders, my back, sides, and then on top of myButtock. My manhood, but never grows even more. I feel a warm liquid fell on my back, more oil, and then her body, her breasts and belly, sliding with some force, resulting in a full body cowlist massage, cowlist so erotic. She moans as her mound pressing against me, and spread her legs straddling my leg, hills and down my leg, she moved with her juices coating. revolves around me, and I feast on the sight of her nakedness. The curve of her breasts, nipples accentuated with increasing hardening, heat from the splendor of massage oil. His cowlist body is the swell of her mound, lightly dressed with trimmed pubic hair, cowlist his lips pursed, glistening with a mixture of oil and juices. His hands are once again on my chest, a cowlist glow spreading from there to another area, less comfortable in my body. He plunges his head and licks my nipples, a chill through me, they moved less and feel his hot breath caressed my hardness, soon enveloped in the warmth and moisture of the mouth, antThe language of ore from a circle of my helmet and finger length. Moreover its length away from the glossy lips of his mouth. Heaven and hell, all in one. my hands down to cup her breasts, the nipples hardening of each slide in the palm of each hand, before moving the thumb to change in order. Once again, sighs, and I agree. Major moves slowly my body until she sits astride my groin. Its hills pushing my hardness, moving her lips along its length, resulting in waves of joy, of course, both through our body. Then they go higher before sinking slowly impaled on my hardness. Slowly, very slowly, the peak occurs in inviting your vagina moist and warm, slowly loosening up the sigh cowlist of satisfaction, locked inside. grin smile, and leans over to kiss her again, or languages ​​with each other strongly. It weighs on me moan with every movement, muscles grip me with increasing force. I lift my headlicking and sucking nipples beautiful, seductive, only a few inches from my greedy mouth. Their actions are cowlist increasingly urgent, moving with increasing speed. I'm growing my seeds of hope, it will be soon, because I know it will not be long before your head back, biting his lip, and I feel a tightening in her, as her orgasm, just in time because explode inside, with the publication of such a force, I have rarely known. then laughs with relief, such a passion for many rare, but easy for two people, strangers, in fact, with experience, but probably with their experience. When I get out, we kissed again, more gently now and the time is over, but still waiting, as they both know there is more to come. She disappears for a few minutes, I heard a rattling sound, and then she has remained at the door. A bottle of champagne and glasses in hand, I know cowlist what's coming. We opened the bottle and fill the glasses. The first drink is delicious slip, champagnes in the neck, effervescent bubbles on my tongue. We kissed, sharing the mixture is cooled between the mouth before swallowing his tongue in me. I break the kiss, but only slightly dipping the nipple cowlist in my glass, the wine cold hardening of the nipple, before lowering his head and take it into my eager mouth, the bubbles licked her nipples and teasing him with all my heart with my tongue . She sighs, then takes a sip of champagne myself. I take a sip of wine, hold it there, before returning to the bosom of my mouth, turning the cold cowlist wine in the nipple again, she sighs and shivers of joy, the best way to drink champagne in front of the chest . continued to drink in the kiss and slowly but with passion, breast cup, and gently squeeze her nipples, the tremor in my hand. I rebel and leave for a few minutes, again unknown, with a bucket of ice. Is placed cowlist on the bed, eyes closed in joy, but soon opened when I'm ice around her nipple, which solidifies a jump, the vertical position. We can not be satisfied with this, but the groans soon as my hot mouth closed around his hardness, only to be replaced again by frost. It proposes a form of gambling, but I'm not discouraged, and again to replace the ice with his mouth. She seems to enjoy her as she sighs aloud again. I run the ice cowlist around his chest, his path with my hot mouth, the contrast of the taunts of his body and made ​​her shudder in advance. that runs in her lap, lightly covered with natural blonde hair, but avoid sensitive areas, before pushing for his inner thigh with ice cream and tongue. The ice is almost gone, melted in the heat of passion, but my tongue is still willing to follow a path to his lips, tasting her sweetness and adding to the moisture between her thighs. She sighs again, I like to tease open their lips and tongue gently pushed me in his way, before sweeping around her erect clit, Circlineg around his pleasure as much as you can accept. I dive again to taste sweet juices before my finger in a rhythmic movement, and her clit between my lips, sucking gently. She sighs and shakes his thoughts back to the climax, with a touch of pleasure ran through her ​​breasts in the neck and face. Lift I'm over your body, your legs when I got before with some urgency. Meet our mouths and tongues teasing each other, as a steady, long and not too fast to build, as I know that will not last long if I do. I rest a moment in depth, but she asks her nails into my back. I push and tied with joy, building my pace, now that I approach my climax. Too soon, I'm here, full of deep inside her, looking at my pleasure, the look on his face a smile on his own ecstasy. We split and fall together, breathing roughly, as if we have forgotten the spirit in our troubled times. we kissagain, but carefully, before filling the glasses of champagne and relax in the glow.
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